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Technical essay: economy essay specificity

Essay on economics – paper, close in meaning to the abstract, but having a free form of narration. The essay is closer to a literary work or a journalistic article. The work on the essay allows students to show creativity and to present a scientific theme in a form accessible to a large audience. Writing an essay on economics helps to deeply study and understand the key issues of the world and national economies. Students consider the positions of various economic studies, scientific schools, and alternative positions of well-known economists, summarize the material and express their own position confirming it with facts, examples, and calculations.

Write an essay tips: characteristics of the essay

The essay on economics has the following characteristics:

  • Explicitly problematic work. Here are some essay topics:
  • Laconic style. In the essay there are no long expressions, complex participial and adverbial turns characteristic of rigorous scientific works. You can choose any form of presentation: dialogue, monologue, poetic style.
  • Short amount of work. Essay takes from 3 to 10 pages of text.
  • The subjective position of the author on the topic, which is revealed in the course of the story.
  • The presence of arguments, confirmed by references to authoritative philosophers, books and monographs.
  • Use basic cliché phrases that enhance the emotional color of the story and highlight key positions.

The purpose of the essay is to encourage thinking, dispute, and discussion of controversial economic issues. A good essay requires a student of literary abilities, the ability to express complex thoughts in accessible language, to interest the audience and develop the discussion. A broad discussion is taking place in the field of regional economic policy, a mixed form of the economy, which includes centralized management and market relations.

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